Condolence Motion (10 March 2008)

Passing of Cal Glauser, Former Saskatoon MLA

From Hansard - 10 March 2008

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Hon. Mr. Morgan: — Mr. Speaker, it is an honour to stand before this legislature to pay tribute to a man who worked endlessly to represent the people of our great province. Calvin Henry Glauser passed away in February 5, 2007 in Victoria, British Columbia.

We hope that our best wishes will give some solace to Cal’s family in their time of loss, his wife of 59 years, Marjorie, his children and grandchildren, and the many friends he made throughout his life. Cal Glauser will be fondly remembered by his colleagues and all who knew him.

Mr. Glauser was born in Delisle, Saskatchewan on April 2, 1923. He began his working career at the Royal Bank where he served for 28 years. His devotion to the community helped him make the decision to run for office after his career at the Royal Bank. I met Cal and worked with him in the 1982 election. Mr. Glauser was elected as a Progressive Conservative MLA for Saskatoon Mayfair in that election in 1982.

In his maiden speech he stated, “I have believed in the principles of integrity, responsibility, and accountability. This is the manner in which I intend to serve my constituents in the House.” Mr. Speaker, he took great pride in the people of his constituency — the farmers, labourers, professional people, and educators. It was on their behalf that he took up political office.

In that maiden speech Mr. Glauser spoke of the importance of consultation between government and the people of Saskatchewan, the need for adequate funding in education, the importance of population growth, the need to care for seniors, and the significant role of volunteers in Saskatchewan. Cal Glauser truly understood the issues in Saskatchewan. These are many of the same concerns that the people of Saskatchewan have today.

Mr. Glauser worked hard to promote non-partisan politics in his constituency, inviting the people in his constituency to phone him and I quote, “ regardless of their political affiliation.” He also understood that the relationship between business people and government had not been strong in the past and he worked hard to rectify that disparity.

During his time in the Assembly he served on the Public Accounts Committee. He served the people of Saskatoon Mayfair in the Legislative Assembly until 1986 when he decided not to run for re-election for personal reasons. In 1989 Cal and Marjorie moved to Victoria where they enjoyed their well-deserved retirement.

On behalf of my colleagues in this Assembly, I want to send my sincere condolences and regards to the family and friends of Cal Glauser.

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